Why should I consider receiving treatments in India?
You should prefer getting treated in India because of the following reasons -

- India provides world-class clinical outcomes and has the best stream of doctors, many of whom have received medical qualification and training internationally.
- Since, the best hospitals in India are operated privately, you need not wait for long to get your procedure done.
- The costs of medical procedures in India are less than 70% as compared to the west.
- India is among the most preferred medical tourism countries.

Do the Indian hospitals provide world-class treatment?
Yes. Indian doctors are considered among the best in the world. Moreover, the Indian healthcare industry has seen a tremendous change in the last few years with hospitals immensely developing their infrastructure, workforce, and acquiring JCI and other international accreditations. All this has rapidly enhanced the quality of medical care provided by Indian hospitals.

How can be the cost so low in India?
The economies of scale are very high in India due to the large population of the country. The number of any kind of procedures owing to large Indian population is high and this significantly reduces the overhead cost of medical procedures. Also lower income levels unlike the developed countries, also contribute to the lower cost of the procedures in India.

Are these costs savings due to lower standards of medicine in India?
No, that is not the case. The Indian medical standards match up to the highly prescribed international standards. Factors like favorable currency conversion rates and lower costs of operating in India contribute to the lower medical costs. .

Why should I choose TreatGlobal International to plan my treatment?

TreatGlobal will assure you the best of services at the most reasonable cost. For TreatGlobal, your well-being is the foremost priority. Once you choose TreatGlobal International, It will take all the responsibilities till the time you receive your treatment and safely board your flight back to your country. TreatGlobal also has the best of tourism packages.

Is it safe to travel so far after any treatment?
Most of the procedures are non-invasive and will enable you fly out the same day as the procedure. However, you will be given the valid instructions by the surgeons regarding your stay in the destination.

How do I go about with my trip after reaching India?
A TreatGlobal Personal Manager will be there with you and guide you in every step; from receiving you at the airport when you land in India, to the moment you leave for your home. They will take care of your transportation to and from your accommodation to the hospital for all your appointments.  For your convenience, you will also be given a pre-paid cellular phone during your stay. It will help you to contact your Personal Manager or anyone else that you may want to contact.

Can I bring someone with me?
Yes. A medical attendant is encouraged. Our packages include services for the patient and the attendant as well (except for the treatment).

What are the languages spoken by TreatGlobal staff and the hospitals?
The languages generally spoken are English and Hindi. However, your personal manager will function as an interpreter between you and our staffs

How can I correspond with a doctor in India?
TreatGlobal will arrange a video calling where you can ask the doctor about your disease and the necessary treatments or any other related query

What about the confidentiality of my medical case?
Medical details of any patient are never disclosed to any unauthorized party.

Are the medicines in Indian hospitals authentic?
The medicines in the hospitals which work with us are authentic and certified.

What about the cleanliness and hygiene?
Our hospitals maintain unmatched cleanliness and hygiene required for patients.

How are a patient’s rights to competent medical treatment protected?
All patients in India are protected by Indian law and codes of medical conduct. Medical Council or the Ministry of Health grants licenses to doctors. In times of any disputes, patients may either complain to these organizations or to police. They can also take action in an Indian court.
Please note that any legal disputes concerning overseas care will be decided in the country of treatment, and not in the country of your origin or citizenship.


Why shouldn't I go to a hospital directly? Why should I go through a facilitator like TreatGlobal?
Going directly to a hospital might lead you to a number of problems. Since foreign patients are not aware of the concerned hospitals' capabilities, the hospital might not provide the best of services. TreatGlobal collaborates with the best doctors and hospitals and shall direct you in receiving the best treatments for your disease. Also, the treatment process includes many procedures like diagnostic tests, fixing of appointment, handling discharge process, etc which could be very cumbersome for foreign patients because of lack of knowledge of local language and hospital rules. TratGlobal shall thereby make all this absolutely sorted for patients of foreign nationals for a small fee by guiding them throughout the process.

Should I make payments to the hospital directly or should I pay to TreatGlobal?
It depends on you if you want to pay to the hospital directly or to TreatGloabl. The total amount will be the same either ways.

Can I travel immediately after my medical treatment?
Your physician in India will make an assessment of your recovery and make a decision as to when it may be possible for you to travel.